TERMS & End User License Agreement

About EULA:

Prior to installation of ST Cleaner you will be asked to read the End User License Agreement. Only by agreeing to the terms mentioned in EULA document, you will be able to use the software. Please read this document carefully and if you wish to ask anything about our terms, please contact us immediately for a quick response.


ST Cleaner is limited to scan only and shows junk data's report. Cleaning will be possible with a purchased license of the software.

However, you must agree to the terms laid down here in order to use the software on your PC. You agree to abide by the copyrights and intellectual property rights laws as a trial or premium user of ST Cleaner.

To download and install this software on your computer you must:

  • not try to change the software code
  • unless you have taken written permissions from Sorcim Technologies, not use our brand name, images and trademarks elsewhere. If you are given permission to use these materials, you agree to follow the terms laid down.
  • agree that the software you are downloading may ask you to install updates that are meant to improve software functionality
  • not sell the software to other people without our consent
  • not remove the EULA text from software
  • not distribute software to illegal websites
  • adhere to the terms laid down here and you agree that your software license can be suspended in case you are found to be violating these terms of service conditions.
  • agree that software form can change anytime to meet with the needs of our users
  • not held us responsible for claims provided about our software by third-parties like affiliates and partners
  • agree to retain the right to stop using software distributed by Sorcim Technologies (pvt) Ltd.
  • check out the privacy policy for our company and the software
  • agree to use the software and content as it is and at your sole risk, and Sorcim Technologies is not held responsible for any loss incurred that is not applicable by law
  • agree that Sorcim Technologies do not warrant to you that the content and software will meet all your requirements or will be free from error and you agree that any loss caused to your computer or any other electronic device will not be the responsibility of Sorcim.
  • keep your license code saved yourself and company will not be responsible if you accidentally lose access to it
  • understand and agree that there may be links to third-party websites in www.stcleaner.com website and Sorcim is not questionable or liable to any information provided by these external websites which are not directly affiliated with Sorcim.
  • agree that the transactions carried out through our merchant are done at your own risk
  • allow us to send infrequent emails to you to inform you about updates and changes to our privacy policies and Terms of Use.