Features of ST Cleaner for Windows

There are 4 components of ST Cleaner and each one cleans several areas of your computer.
These are described here:

ST Cleaner Main Screen
System Cleaning

1- System Cleaning

Clean up OS junk and most common trash files making PC sluggish. ST Cleaner's System Cache cleaner will erase the unwanted data with a single-click!

2- Software Junk Cleaning

Most software create junk. ST Cleaner will keep your computer cleaner by finding and eradicating the junk created by different softwares.

Software Junk Cleaning

Web Junk Cleaning

3- Web Junk Cleaning

Your web browsers are home to the scariest junk. It contains traces of your private browsing history, cookies set on the browser and downloaded files history. ST Cleaner will cleanse all of this like the rain washes away all dirt from streets.

4- Social and Multimedia Cleaning

Everyone today is fond of using social and multimedia applications. They, however, do create tremendous amount of grime. ST will find all the multimedia waste, and clean it up effortlessly.

Social and Multimedia Cleaning
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