Why Digital Signatures and What Should You Know About them?

Each day 1000s of software are launched, updated, given as freebies and even bundled with other applications. In this convoluted supply of computer programs, bad guys often play their nefarious role. What they do is distribute malicious applications and disguise themselves as ethical software vendors. One thing that differentiates their rogue software is the absence of verifiable digital signatures issued by an authoritative agency. When you are about to install a non-Microsoft utility on your system, the Windows installer will display company name in the installer. By clicking on the company name, you can see which authority (take verisign, for instance) has verified the ownership of firm and given credentials to it to distribute software globally. This information is called the Digital Signatures. Installing something that is not backed by such credentials exposes your computer to vulnerabilities.

Is ST Cleaner Digitally Signed?

We believe in users safety and distribute all our software with verifiable signatures issues by Verisin Inc.

How can you check this certificate?

Right-click the software setup file that you would download to your computer > hit the Properties option > click Digital Signature tab in the screen that faces you > click on Details and afterwards click on View Certificate